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Jeanette Gerst

Jeanette was blessed with a beautiful singing voice. During our high school years, Jeanette competed in the CYC talent contests and earned high recognition for her talented voice. As a Rosecrans Freshman, Jeanette won first place in the annual CYC talent contest. Later on she received Honorable Mention in a voice competition at Ohio State University where she was accompanied by Elaine Smith on the piano.

During her CYC talent contest engagements, she was accompanied by Mary Flood, Patrick Flood's mother, who was musical director for the CYC organization.





   Jeanette singing in one of the CYC talent contests.     Singing with a trio of Rosecrans students where        After a grueling competition, John Emmert carries                                                                                             Jeanette won first place. The boys L to R: Mike          Jeanette off for some well earned rest.  
                                                                                         McIntire, Pierce Roberts, John Emmert. 


Local Newspaper announcements of Jeanette's CYC win; one from the Zanesville Signal and the
other from the Times Recorder - when Zanesville had two newpapers. (note to Zanesville trivia buffs:
which of the two newpapers was the morning edition?)


After graduation, Jeanette continued her singing career with appearances at the Liberty Theater, the Rogge Hotel, the ZHS Junior Senior Prom and on weekends at the Windsor Restaurant with the George Freshwater band. She also appeared several times on WHIZ-TV, one of which involved a special broadcast a with hook-up to Wheeling, West Virginia.

During this time Jeanette entered a USO competition in Wheeling, West Virginia, which was held to determine the vocalist that would accompany the USO group on an overseas tour. Although she did not win, Jeanette was awarded 1st Runner Up out of a field of talented female vocalists.

As her singing career expaned, Jeanette performed in a number of cities with the Bill King Orchestra, a locally renowned musical group. She also had recording sessions with the composer and lyricist Ethel Brown and Ivan Stewart who owned a recording studio.  This studio, by the way, recorded the early works of the famous Hammond organist Lenny Dee before he was discovered by Decca records which eventually published some 50 Lenny Dee record albums. Jeanette also made several recordings with a Hawaiian stage group (pictured below) that performed in cities and towns around Ohio.


Jeanette on tour singing with the Hawaiian group with which she made several recordings.

One of Jeanette’s recordings made by the studio was sent to a Nashville, Tennessee A&R agency (Artists & Repertoire) and they wanted her to audition in Washington DC. The Nash agency worked with BMI Music Studios. At the time, one of the agency's recording stars was Charlie Walker who's now in the Country Music Hall of Fame.                                                                                 



However, as we all eventually arrive at our own personal forks in life’s roads, Jeanette married Chuck Allton and became a homemaker, eschewing the fame and fortune of a recording star.