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Agnes Lazar

As a Rosecrans student, Agnes Lazar had a penchant for writing poems and rhymes for the observer. More importantly, as a senior in early 1955 she wrote the words for the Rosecrans alma mater. At that time a contest was held to write the school alma mater. Agnes and Paul Smith, a 1953 Rosecrans graduate, teamed up and won the contest. An October 28, 2000 Times Recorder newspaper article stated that, "Agnes doesn't remember all the details about writing the words to the alma mater. Paul's sister Marilyn (class of 1955) was in her class and she new Paul had written some music".

The article went on to quote Agnes: "I had written silly little poems, and I think it was Marilyn who encouraged me to write the words." She recalls that Paul played in a music group with some friends - 'Everly Brothers type of stuff' - and they made it sound real good when they played it. Agnes said, "I shouted when we won."

The song was introduced to the public on May 15, 1955 at the National Honors Society Night by the senior girls choral group.

The Rosecrans Alma Mater

Hail to thee our alma mater;
Loyalty we pledge you.
With the years our love grows stronger;
Faithful Bishops thru and thru.

Memories that linger forever
we will cherish when we've gone away.
As the years go by we will sing this song:
"Hail to Thee, Dear Rosecrans High."

The words are printed on a banner that hangs on one of the walls of the Rogge gymnasium. After a visit to the school and a meeting with one of the assistant principals after the 2010 55th class reunion, it was promised that the names of lyricist Agnes Lazar and composer Paul Smith (class of 1953) would be added to the banner. It is a pleasure to announce that the names are now displayed on the lower left corner of the banner.

A few Rosecrans Observer articles by Agnes appear below as well as a photo of the Rogge gymnasium banner that was taken in 2010 before the names of Agnes and Paul were added.