Preseason Preparation and Games

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Preseason Activities


                     High hopes                                                                     and a sober assessment



The Games


West Lafayette - September 18


Mike Parentice remembers one aspect of this game vividy and tells how he feels about the unsung blocking heroics of offensive linemen: 

"I still remember clearly how Chuck Mattingly scored the 80 yard touchdown run. He and I were in the backfield on a West Lafayette kickoff - I was left halfback, Chuck was right halfback. On the kickoff, the ball was fielded by Chuck and he started up the right side of the field, following me as I was prepared to do some downfield blocking. I was ahead of Chuck by about five yards on the runback when I saw two WL tacklers running side by side headed for Chuck. I was between him and the two WL tacklers when I left my feet and executed a beautiful flying body block. I was 3 feet in the air and parallel to the ground when I wacked the two side by side WL tacklers simultaneously around their midsections. I can still feel the impact since it felt that my back fillings came loose. While the three of us were on the ground, out of the corner of my eye I could see Chuck breaking up the right sideline heading for his touchdown.

Today, flying body blocks are illegal in football but I'm sure I executed the classic example of one. As you can see from the article, there was no mention of my block that sprung Chuck loose for the touchdown. Now I know how offensive linemen feel when they make key blocks allowing the backfield to receive all the glory. Oh well, that's football."


 Columbus Rosary - September 26



Columbus St. Charles - October 3




Clouster - October 9 



                                                                                 The wounded warrior    


      Terry Dinan, Dixie Mitchell, Pat Hosey and                Bub Smith and Dave Joseph giving encouragement
        another fan 
wishing a speedy recovery               

  The wounded warrior in the hospital and here's what his fondest memory was of his high school years: "The time when I had my leg 
  broken playing football for Rosecrans, and all except
for two days, was visited by someone from Rosecrans." (from the Apr-May 1955
of the Observer)





Newcomerstown - October 16





Hebron - October 23








Malta-McConnelsville - November 6